Kindergarten is the foundation for the child’s school life. All activities are designed to foster a positive attitude in children toward themselves and learning. This can be best achieved with parental support of the kindergarten academic program at home and daily attendance. Communication between parent/student/school is essential to provide this critical foundation in your child’s education. Together, this Kindergarten experience can be a successful and positive one.

Golden City CDC is a childcare center providing a nutritional, educational, recreational, and social skills training program for children from 2 to 5 years of age. We believe a child can feel, touch, hear, and taste what they have experienced. By using a developmentally appropriate curriculum and implementing our program’s latest techniques and strategies, our children receive an enjoyable educational foundation and a desire to learn more.

Our preschool recognizes and values each child’s unique characteristics and abilities, and we strive to facilitate academic learning and social interactions through many developmentally appropriate activities and experiences. The center-based play offers many opportunities for each child to make choices. Teacher-directed activities introduce and reinforce academic concepts in a print-rich environment. Most importantly, self-esteem is fostered because our program is designed so that every child enjoys success.

Our curriculum is based on the “A Beka Book” academic system. “A Beka Books” has been proven to be the finest textbook and provides fundamental education through an innovative approach that will increase a child’s learning ability. Parents are encouraged to attend a brief orientation to learn how “A Beka Book” will benefit their children.

At GC, we realize our Program, Staff, and the Environment is essential for our children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Our teachers are experienced in early childhood development and education and possess college-level training in early childhood development, and attend monthly seminars and in-service training in child development. Our teachers understand how children learn and grow; their interaction focuses on assisting toddlers and preschoolers in organizing the information they gather, practicing reasoning/problem-solving, expanding communication skills, reinforcing positive behavior, setting limits, and being independent of comfort when needed.

Our Toddler and Preschool classrooms are organized to support each age group by providing the materials needed for each child to physically explore, discover, be independent, engage in pretend play, play cooperatively with others, express their ideas and feelings, and test things out by doing.

Nutritional Meals
Breakfast, 2 Snacks, Lunch, and Dinner are served daily for children enrolled during serving hours. A schedule of serving hours and a two-week menu is posted on the parent information board.

Music Lessons Available
Children who accomplish the mastery of a musical instrument learn values and life skills that promote their success as adults. Music study develops character by encouraging perseverance, determination, self-discipline-confidence, teamwork, critical thinking, active listening, memory skills, language development, and art appreciation.

Dance Lessons
Rhythmic movement facilitates gross motor skills.

Field Trips
We believe a child can learn only what they have seen and experienced; therefore, we attend field trips to places related to our curriculum theme.

So learning is always stimulating and never frustrating as an educational aid; our children are encouraged to play educational programs at our computer station. The software we utilize has been evaluated by teachers and educational professionals and designed to be age-appropriate, assuring that educational content and games are practical and fun. Children become familiar with the essential parts of a computer and reinforce our curriculum through interactive games.

At GC, Fridays are free-to-dress days; however, Monday thru Thursday, our children must be in uniform in our program. Studies have found that uniforms help instill school pride in students. Uniforms are said to help children see the commonalities between them and other students. Our uniform policy is effective on the first day of school and ends on the last day (please see our school schedule for dates). You may visit our school to view our school uniform.


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